What do you do now?

Update 02/20/23

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This post is for those that got the jab, those that are worried about the Variants and those that did not get the jab and may be getting sick or want to stay healthy.

We are not debating about the jab, this is information for everyone to understand what to watch for and what options we have to stay healthy.


Information is now available about side effects……https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00392-022-02129-5

Dioxin Detox:

Update 9-18-22


Here are the Stats: www.c19early.com

Symptoms to Watch out for:

What are the symptoms of COVID?

“For most people, the first symptoms are not that different from those you have had before at the beginning of a cold or flu.

The difference is that COVID can progress rapidly and in unpredictable ways into very severe respiratory difficulties, marked inflammation damage, and intensified risk of serious blood clots.

These last three complications of COVID are different from what we see with typical colds or seasonal flu episodes, and are what cause the most serious, potentially life-threatening damage to critical organs.

The three most critical symptoms of possible COVID are fever, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing/ pressure in your chest, and severe cough. Shortness of breath can mean shortness of breath at rest or even shortness of breath doing daily activities.“(Dr. McCullough)

What Do You Do ?

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with azithromycin (AZM) or doxycyclineORIvermectin with azithromycin (AZM) or doxycycline are recommended but not available in the US.

Dr. Zelenko and other MDs have created different protocols because of this.

https://faculty.utrgv.edu/eleftherios.gkioulekas/zelenko/index.html Zelenko Protocol

https://rumble.com/vay2vx-dr.-mccullough-explains-treatment-protocol.html(Dr. McCullough)


Protocol for Low and Moderate Risk Patients​: (Dr. Zelenko)

Elemental Zinc 25mg 1 time a day https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7365891/

Vitamin D3 5000iu 1 time a day

Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day

Quercetin 500mg 1 time a day until a safe and efficacious vaccine becomes available https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7318306/

If Quercetin is unavailable, then use Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) 400mg 1 time a day ( Dr. Zelenko)

Protocol for High Risk Patients (Dr. Zelenko)

Elemental Zinc 25mg once a day

Vitamin D3 5000iu 1 time a day

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) 200mg 1 time a day for 5 days, then 1 time a week until a safe and

efficacious vaccine becomes available

If HCQ is unavailable, then use the Protocol for Low and Moderate Risk Patients.(Dr. Zelenko)

Dr. Tenpenny on HCQ and Ivermectin: https://www.worldviewweekend.com/tv/video/hydroxychloroquine-and-ivermectin-dr-sherri-tenpenny

https://brandnewtube.com/v/PRRXeC Dr. Bryan Ardis Protocol for Healthy Immune system and detox from jab.

Dr. Brian Ardis website: https://thedrardisshow.com/?fbclid=IwAR0SBnuW-BXm07Godk5PdsBMXKfVm31m_d_4rd9oIFzff8eCfrsEsCo0ooo

https://fb.watch/993fBO8Ca9/ Viral ” shedding ”

https://www.theepochtimes.com/licorice-inhibits-replication-of-coronavirus_4177389.html?utm_source=healthia&utm_campaign=health-2021-12-30&utm_medium=email 12-30-21

La Quinta columna and David Wolfe have the following Protocol Suggestions:

(From Katrinah.com below)

Nutrition Protocol To Deactivate Graphene Oxide (Urgent for all who were injected with the “Covid vaccine”)

This nutrition protocol is a compilation shared by experts, including David Wolfe.

  1. Quercetin or Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ): Quercetin works like HCQ. One of its mechanism of action is that it blocks the ‘virus’ (with spikes around it) from attaching. These two supplements will help with spike protein damage and apply to most organs of the body but not all. https://youtu.be/ey10QMPW9Ic
  2. Ivermectin: Ivermectin blocks spike proteins from attaching to the cell membrane. (Alternative is Neem Oil.)
  3. Dandelion Leaf: Dandelion Leaf Extract blocks spike proteins from attaching to cell membrane.
  4. Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) or Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Chlorine dioxide neutralizes and eliminates the spikes.

Between a blocker (HCQ, Quercetin, IVM, Dandelion, etc), and a neutralizer (CDS/MMS, Ozone, NAC), I prefer a neutralizer because it eliminates the spikes rather than merely blocking it. (I suggest) alternating this with NAC (in case there is Graphene Oxide transmission). I worry that the blocked spikes will continue to circulate and reach the brain and cause all sorts of mental illnesses (Dr. Malone, Bahkdi, Tenpenny, Mikovits).

Most people prefer Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) to de-magnetize the body and NAC along with fennel and star anise teas or white pine tea. You can buy the seeds and stock up as the FDA is trying to ban some herbs and seeds.

  • Chlorine dioxide neutralizes the spikes. https://www.bitchute.com/video/x0dTE2hTlUpN/( Info on Chlorine Dioxide)
  • NAC or Glutathione neutralizes the GO, as well as spikes to some extent.
  • For protection, I will alternate use of Chlorine dioxide and NAC. That is until I know more.

David Wolfe:

Summary of the Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide Detoxification Protocol via David Avocado Wolfe

This is the updated Nutrition protocol to protect those who’ve been injected with spike protein, graphene oxide and mRNA. The same protocol is also useful to protect those concerned with the spike protein and graphene oxide shedding coming off those who’ve been injected.

We now have evidence of the latest injections containing: mRNA, spike protein, graphene oxide, SM-102, and numerous other potentially toxic substances. Also, some – but not all – injections appear to be higher in graphene oxide and some appear to be saline placebos.

We also have evidence that this protocol works as we are compiling the testimonials of numerous people who were hospitalized or injured after injection and have recovered.

If you know someone who has been injected and requires help, please provide them with this Nutrition Protocol:

  • Coated Silver (1-6 drops per day, depending on degree of exposure) (Coated silver blocks the sulfur-bearing protein on the spikes from entering the cell. Sulfur-rich amino acids on the spike protein interact with silver causing them to fold incorrectly).
  • NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) (accelerates detoxification and is considered a producer of the super detoxifier glutathione in the body) Dosage: 1200-2400 mg per day on an empty stomach. NAC is recommended to detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102. NAC is tough to find after the FDA recently made it illegal to purchase over the counter in the USA.
  • Zinc (30-80mg per day depending on immunological pressure)
  • Vitamin D3* (10,000 IU’s per day)
  • Lypospheric Vitamin C (30ml, twice daily)*
  • Quercetin (500-1000 mg, twice daily)*
  • Iodine* (dosage depends on brand, more is not better. Iodine is a product you have to start with small dosages and build up over time.
  • PQQ* (20-40 mg per day)

Shikimate Main Sources:

  • Fennel and/or Star Anise Tea: These are also an excellent source of shikimate or shikimic acid (which is known to neutralize the spike protein)
  • C60 (1-3 droppersfull per day): One of the issues we are seeing with those who have been injected is disturbances in their energetic field (magnetism) and hot spots of inflammation. C60 is a rich-source of electrons and acts like a fire extinguisher to inflammation and simultaneously (because it bio-distributes throughout the body) drives a normalization of electron flow throughout the body. In this category, we offer two products, the traditional C60 product* is made by yours truly and the C60 SuperConcentrate* is made by a carbon scientist friend of mine and contains a higher concentration of electrons. C60 is recommended to neutralize spike protein, detoxify graphene oxide and SM-102.
  • Charcoal (2-4 capsules a day): Charcoal is the pre-eminent detoxifier and when taken on an empty stomach, works its way down into the intestines and activates a blood purification process known as “interstitial dialysis”. Our Kohlbitr* product is the premier activated coconut charcoal in the world and we also now offer the more gentle birch charcoal.*
  • Citrus fruit (especially blood oranges, due to their high hesperidin content — hesperidin is a chalcone like quercetin that deactivates spike protein)
  • Peppermint (very high in hesperidin)

Superherbs to help disable spike protein:

  • Schizandra Berry* (high in shikimate)
  • Triphala formulations: In Sanskrit, the word Triphala means “three fruits”: a combination of Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis), black myrobalan (Terminalia chebula) and belleric myrobalan (Terminalia belerica). The terminalia fruits are rich in shikimate.
  • St. John’s Wort (shikimate is found throughout the entire plant and in the flowers)
  • Comfrey Leaf (rich in shikimate)

La Quinta Columna

What are our options? laquintacolumna.net (need english translation)

What Does the Vaxx Do?

https://www.instagram.com/p/CS-ZJ4UH25h/?fbclid=IwAR1oiGs721GYkw4rGBlP8X_063H-ShNKNHmwLIg4LMKvZwJy-StPNjHJiSU Vaccine Reality. What does the vaxx do?

https://www.facebook.com/oliver.wittwer/posts/10158390612611588 Dr. Zelenko

https://rumble.com/vjgmj9-breaking-discovery-the-actual-contents-inside-pfizer-vials-exposed.html?mref=lveqv&mrefc=2 Stew Peters. 99.9% graphene Oxide in the jab.

https://godskingdom.org/blog/2021/07/covid-19-and-graphene-oxideTranslation of information from La Quinta Columna Video.

https://faculty.utrgv.edu/eleftherios.gkioulekas/zelenko/index.html This is a huge data base for Covid Facts and potential treatments.

https://rumble.com/vjs5hv-dr-peter-mccullough-on-australias-plan-to-open-the-borders..html Vaccine causing more illness?



If there is a threat of smallpox…see the following …https://www.curesdecoded.com/conditions/Smallpox/224