A Change Is In The Wind (Video and Lyrics)

A Change Is In The Wind

first posted on you tube Feb 26, 2010.

The Sun is setting on this Earth, upon those who would deny our worth,

The Sun is setting in the Western sky, I hear the moans and I hear the cries.

Hey Na Hiki Yi Hey, Hey Now Hiki Yi Ho,

Hey Na HIki Yi Heay, Hey Nau Hiki Yi Ho.

They say we are the brave and free, as they conspire to keep us in slavery,

Their greed it has dehumanized,

Their speeches but a pack of lies.


A change is in the wind, Ancient power’s in the air,

A change is in the wind,

A dawn of Light and Love of those who care,

A change is in the wind,

A tempest comes extraditing ones from Earth who will not share!

The Bird Tribe’s messages are clear, the time is right to let go of fear,

A river of light’s running swift and strong, to take us back where we belong.

Hey Now..

I invoke the Spirit of the Sun to shine through the hearts of everyone, to fill our lives with love and peace and restore Mother Nature’s harmony.

(repeat chorus)

We’re coerced to pay for a war machine, and fund murderous technologies, the time has come to set things right, to end this reign of fear and might.

Hey now…

Imagine an army with soldiers of Love, whose insignia is the Holy Dove, with the mission to eradicate poverty, and light the way so that we may see!

(repeat chorus 2x)

by Shaman Starseed dedicated to Terra Nova (Heaven on Earth/Ascension/WhateverYouWantToCallIt) and the Galactic Federation of Light and Love – Bird Tribes Division

https://brandnewtube.com/embed/jGuhLeMXTZNdeyV (Back up if You Tube is Down. )

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