Humans vs Nature

Humans vs Nature

May 16, 2017.

Thunderstorms today, snow in the next few days. You could say this is just Colorado weather or you could say that weather is far from Normal. I am glad I did not plant my garden for Mother’s day.

I am already mourning the  loss of my girls ( chickens ), a dead garden would put me in a deeper sadness. I try to be a responsible human. I do my best to feed my animals healthy food and take care of their health needs. I would never have put the girls in harms way if I had known that weasels moved into our ecosystem. We had a complete ecosystem breakdown three years ago when they changed the banks of the river, took out a pond, took out all of the trees and plants along the river and drove out the wildlife. We are watching Nature attempt to get back into balance.

The foxes had mange last fall. The Humane Society told us to just late nature take its course. A neighbor down the street gave them Ivermectin in meat and it brought them back. There is a female with kits a few houses down. We have at least two rabbits now, never had them before, and hope the population will stay under control with the fox family. We never hear coyotes at dusk anymore, they moved away when the construction started. We have a healthy population of white tail deer, we call them the ” girls “.

Raccoon populations  come and go but can be dangerous. One big male killed a small dog down the street. My neighbors to the North moved away in August. They used to keep the dumpster open and food was plentiful while they lived there. After they moved we had more run ins with the raccoons at night and trash was strewn all over the street on trash day. Raccoons are hit by cars more often now and they have to travel all over to eat.

Humans have a huge impact on Nature. Corporations build along the river and the  County mitigates the river and natural areas so they can reap the financial benefits with little regard for how it affects the Ecosystems that were there long before the Corporate World descended on it.

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