Earth Star Classes

Earth Star Classes

I’m Awake, Now What?

The Intention of this class is to support and encourage all those stepping on their Spiritual Path. We all go through a time of awakening, questioning, learning and letting go. We will share experiences and tools that we have learned over time to make this experience a little easier. We intend to create a supportive space for all. We will share tools, books, prayers and processes. Cost: $22 per class.

Class Dates:

7/22/20 7-9 pm.

What is a Spiritual Awakening? What do we do now ?

The Art of Divination

This is a three part class. The first class will be an introduction and we will learn about pendulums. The second class will be about Tarot and Oracle Cards. The third class will be on inspirational writing and other ways to connect with our Master Guides and Teachers. Cost: $18.50 per Class Dates are : July 16 Intro and Pendulums 7-9 pm , July 30 Tarot and Oracle Cards 7-9 pm and August 13 st Inspirational Writing 7-9 pm.

Children of the New Millennium

Many of our children have psychic gifts and abilities. They have come to Earth to assist in our Awakening. How can we help them? We will share how to help them keep their energy clear, use protection bubbles and set intention for bedtime. We will teach how to use music, crystals and other tools to feel calm, and less anxious. We will share grounding techniques and answer questions you may have about them. Cost:$44

Class Dates TBA

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