Daily Inspiration from The Grandmothers

Daily Inspiration from The Grandmothers


We all came here at this time to watch a rebirth of Earth but we each see things from a different perspective.

Some have no idea that anything is Happening.
Many know things are different but have no idea why and then there are those who awakened to the truth a long time ago and have been watching things unfold.

There is no right, no wrong it just is….
What is your intention at this time? How can the gifts you carry help others? How can you be in Service for others?

This is not a time to step back and watch…this is a time to step forward and take up your personal responsibility. This is time to take up your Global responsibility. Your Spiritual Responsibility.

We are infinite beings. We volunteered to be here to help birth a New Earth. We came help our Earth Mother shake off the chains of duality. We came to help humanity be released from the enslavement of 3D…
Most forgot why they came here, they are slowly awakening from the dream…from the veil of forgetfulness..into the reality that it is time to awaken and stand in their truth, their power and their Sacred responsibility to Earth.

This New Earth is all about Peace, Unity, Healing our Mother Earth as we heal ourselves…

Playing The role of Darkness in Duality has caused many to loose their way. Their hearts are closed. They are infected by Greed…Power..need to Control…

Pray that those closed and dark hearts my once again feel love, see that they have lost their way..played a role so long they forgot the truth…Do not hate, they are us..we all came from the same infinite spark of Creator…we just chose a different path…

Choose your way carefully, be grounded. Seek the truth..trust your Guidance…We are the ones we have been waiting for and its time to stand up..heal the past that holds you back and push your way forward…hold the light..hold fast to the vision for our future…no fear…inner strength…we will all be watching this beautiful transition together …<3 You are LOVE, you are LOVED. I LOVE you <3


It’s all about frequency…if you are feeling overwhelmed, sad, angry…raise your frequency. It can be as simple as putting on some good music and dancing around the house..push through the energies that drain you and bring in the frequency to shift it up and out….

Yesterday there was a post with a Grateful Dead video on it..I saved the post and played it last night..then went on to Dave Matthews, Nahko Bear and whatever videos came up.

The Grateful Dead video reminded me of when we were heading to California in the late 80’s and we would play our theme song…” California, Prophet on the burning shore..I ‘ll be knocking on that Golden Door. Like an Angel Standing in a shaft of light rising up to Paradise…”

We were there when Jerry was in a Coma and so many were lost…traveling around and waiting …trying to figure out what to do…It was An amazing time for us..new days, new adventures in a place we had never been before….

Now we are in a similar place…new days..new adventures and new beginnings…the old ways are slowly slipping away…people are looking at their lives and wanting to make a change…so what do you want to do differently? Take some time and work it into a plan..a possible future…

The best thing you can do for yourself is to start listening to what is within…your heart, your Guidance..we don’t get all the answers at once..we translate the words of Spirit into something we can understand but the translation is not always perfect and we may spend time trying to piece it all together…finding clarity in the words or symbols or feelings.

NO ONE has the entire picture…we all have a piece of the puzzle and sharing our dreams and visions and feelings with each other helps us all to get closer to the truth…step out of fear and into a place of Peace and receptivity to the Divine…

We are all in this together…we all came here to help make a difference, a positive change..shift up and out of the darkness…I thank you…I know its not easy and there are good days and bad days but together we can make more good days…so share, love, support and encourage friends and family..and new friends and family on their journey…

so much support from God/Creator and our Spiritual Support System…including those who have gone on before us …shift up your frequency and bring in a new day…

You are love, You are loved…I LOVE YOU. <3


Today do your best to navigate through the energy..stay grounded, focused, aware….Clarity comes when you find that path illuminated in truth. We are learning to discern, weeding out the negativity and fear placed in front of us..keep your prayers going..sing those songs encoded with love. We are still dancing, supporting, birthing in a new time…I will repeat. Grandmothers say “ We Got This !!! “ Thank you for being here at this time. You are LOVED you are appreciated. I LOVE you 


Today do your best to navigate through the energy..stay grounded, focused, aware….Clarity comes when you find that path illuminated in truth. We are learning to discern, weeding out the negativity and fear placed in front of us..keep your prayers going..sing those songs encoded with love. We are still dancing, supporting, birthing in a new time…I will repeat. Grandmothers say “ We Got This !!! “ Thank you for being here at this time. You are LOVED you are appreciated. I LOVE you 

6/24/17 Merlin says ” Remember the Magick”

This is an amazing time on Earth. The energy is building and we are remembering the Magic.

Magic is not casting evil spells and dark magic, Magic is remembering our connection to All That is.

You can create a prayer, an intention, a wish and send it out from your heart to a person, place or living being.

You can make positive change in your area or around the world. If you add the energy of a friend or family member in your prayer or intention, you strengthen the energy of that prayer.

Take your power back. Too many people are waiting for someone else to do it for them.

Too many people have been fooled to believe that they can’t do it.

Learn the protocol for creating a safe and sacred space and start sending out prayer and intention for Unci Maka- our Mother Earth. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Stop looking outside yourself.

Find an Elder, A Grandmother, a Mentor.

Use Discernment to make sure their energy feels right.

Ask about Sage, Cedar and the medicines to clear your mind and body.

Ask about the Protection Prayers, the songs, the space clearing techniques.

There will be different plants, prayers and protocols but the intention is the same.

Find what feels right in your HEART.

I am here if you need help.

There are many others waiting to help but no one is asking…start asking. It is never too late and our Unci Maka needs our help. The animals, the plants, the water, the trees, everything will benefit from prayer and positive intention. 


Got some sleep last night…not a lot but it’s a start…feel like I’ve got to fasten my seat belt or I’m going to go full warp speed….feeling all the energy, prayers and intentions for change..growth, rebirth…upgrading our bodies…integrating the higher dimensions..bringing in the messages…connecting the hearts.

Thank you all. True Star Family. Warriors of LIGHT
I am honored to be here with you now ❤️ Grandmothers say “we got this” 🙏😊❤️


Whew ….what a ride….

We closed that Sun Dance, Solstice, Solar Eclipse, New Moon time with a very hot Sweat…sleep…not much…downloads, visions, third eye and crown wide open….amazing time on Earth !!!!

So now what? We keep dreaming in our future…what do you want to do? Where do you want to live?

Earth Star Healing Center- a Creative Community for Healing, Art, Music, Yoga, Ceremony and classes.

The dream is real and the people are showing up…..Star Family too …

From now until July just process, heal, release, ground and allow all the energy to integrate into your body.

Please remember that we are all in this together…support, encourage, Love your friends and family…this is harder for some and they need to know they are not alone in this….

I love you and Thank You for being here 


Today is the 4th and final day of Sun Dance. Spring

Today is Father’s Day, Solar Eclipse.

Keep those prayers going for the Sun Dancers and Singers and Sun Dance Chiefs, Grandmothers and all who are supporting the Dance.

Yesterday was a powerful healing day for many.
Healing from the past, past lives.
Healing on so many levels and dimensions…Healing our Unci Maka, our hearts, connecting and meeting new Star Family.

We are going to have an amazing year!!! Overflowing gratitude for all who are here at this time to make it happen. Hearts filled with love, understanding the interconnectedness of all and here to bring in our New Earth.

We stand today renewed and healed, hearts open, Singing, Dancing, Praying in our future.

I give THANKS to Creator for the opportunity to be in Service. I am a channel for the healing energy from Creator. I spent last night doing what I love best , surrounded with beings of light and love and bringing through the energy for renewal and regeneration.

Do what you love, find what makes your heart sing. Be in Service for Creator. Wake up each day with hope and make the most of it.

This Sun Dance was powerful. Our New Year is going to be amazing.!!!!

Wopila Tanka to all of you. A Big Thank You for being you. For being here. For helping Creator and all of the amazing beings all around us birth in this New Earth, New Time…I love you ❤ Mitakuye Oyasin 


Today is the Third day of Sun Dance. Winter.

Send your Love to the Dancers. Give them strength and energy to keep going.

Today is when the Heyokas come and the Healing Round when you can go to the tree and pray. Connect to the Tree. “ Protector of the Children” Feel the Love and Healing energy. Feel Creator’s Love.

Say a prayer, sing a song…connect your heart with all hearts today…all hearts beating as one with the drum…

We are dreaming and dancing in our future. We are bringing in our New Earth.

Our hearts have been cracked open so we can truly feel the LOVE . We can connect with our hearts now so full of love…we feel everything…emotions tied to the past…its time to let them go and walk forward into our FUTURE.

Give yourself time today to let go…to give thanks for all you have experienced and been given in this lifetime.

Dream in your future. Dream in a future for our Children and the next generations.

We move from the lower dimensions into our HEART Chakra (4D) our Throat Chakra ( 5D) and above….

We walk together as one through all timelines, all dimensions all Soul levels.

We are strong, we are HEALTHY.

We are UNITED we are FREE.

Stand in your Sovereignty stand in Free Will…I love you.

❤ Mitakuye Oyasin ❤


Today is the second day of Sun Dance. Fall.

It’s cool and raining here in Colorado.

Take some time today to connect to the tree. To all trees. Be mindful of your thoughts and words. Be kind and generous. Share a smile, laugh, dance, sing.

I just got word the name of the Tree is ” Protector of the Children”

We are Thankful for all of our Sun Dancers, Singers, Elders, Sun Dance Chiefs and all of those who help and support during this time. Many could not be at the dance this year, many dances were cancelled. We connect from wherever we are with our hearts and prayers.

It’s going to be a good day. It’s going to be a good year. Thank you all for your love and support today and always. I love you ❤️

Leave it to Brother Bob Barnhill to crack all our hearts open on the first day of Sun Dance. I will miss your voice at the drum and I will miss your camp coffee…and miss the morning sweats.

So many of our Sun Dance family have journeyed on. I thank you for all the support you are giving us from the other side. Miss you Bob, miss you all…we will all be singing together into eternity…

Many have made their journey and many more have awakened. We must keep our hearts open and sing and pray and laugh and dream in our New Earth…it is time…it is now…

Wopila Tanka may all our hearts beat together as one always…..


Today is First day of Sun Dance. Summer.
Be mindful of your thoughts and actions.
Connect to the Tree.
Send LOVE to our Ceremonial Family, our Star Family.

Creator I ask that you send love light and healing energy from your heart to our hearts today.
Please watch over our Sun Dancers, our singers, our Elders, Our Sun Dance Chiefs, The Grandmothers, The children, all who are in Ceremony today.

We pray that we may live in Harmony. We pray that we may be healthy and know love. We pray that we may know we are all related and we are all here today and every day to birth a New Earth. That we may live as Sovereign beings with Free Will.

Creator please protect all those in the fire zones today. Please bring the rain to quench the fire. Calm the winds.

We thank you today and always for our opportunity to be In service. We thank you for our lives. We thank our Spirit Helpers, our Guides and Angels who watch over us and guide us on our path each and every day. Wopila Tanka , Mitakuye Oyasin. 🙏❤️


Our connection to God/Creator is a personal connection. In can be a deep Spiritual connection or it can be a prayer when really needed.

When did we disconnect from the interconectedness of all things? When did we step off that path of connection and close our hearts and our minds?

It could have been a life experience, a busy lifestyle, things we were told as a child…but it happened.

Awakening really is finding our way back to that Divine Connection with God/Creator and all that is…back to that connection and a reopening of our hearts and our minds.

LOVE plays a huge role in that. Opening our hearts..expressing emotion. Feeling…yes really feeling…

LOVE is a deep connection. When did we become so afraid to love? Fear, anxiety, endless questions running through our minds prevent us from really feeling, expressing and understanding that heart connection.

So does it really come down to a simple choice between LOVE and FEAR? And if so what do you choose?

I choose LOVE. I work every day to open my heart and be in a space of LOVE. I cannot connect to Creator in Prayer, to my Guidance in a healing session or to my child and my animals without being in a true heart space. The more I can open my heart, the deeper that connection is.

Spend a little time with your heart…think of a person or animal or place that makes you happy. Allow yourself to feel that love, that connection you have.

Our world will be a better place when we can step out of our busy minds, our running thoughts, our distractions and return to our hearts and the inteconnecedness of all things.

Ceremony time is here….Hearts open and connected…tune in, connect in and help us all create a space of LOVE each and every day.

I LOVE You ❤


What is Awakening?

It’s when you realize that there is more to life than you ever realized. It’s when you start to see things from a new perspective. Its when you realize your version of reality may not be completely true. It’s pulling back the layers of reality and seeing with a new perspective.

You may meet new people, find a book, a video, have an experience that sends you in a new direction….

We live in an amazing world that is shifting on all levels from duality to unity consciousness. We’ve all heard about it. It is here now.

Let go of your fear, your need to be right, your need to control…connect to your heart. Connect to your Guidance…ask for help if you need it.

We can’t go back. We can only go forward…You will be ok. You are loved. You are safe. You are here in the right place and at the right time.


Mercury Retrograde June 18th, Sun Dance, Summer Solstice, New Moon Solar Eclipse….rounding out the month of June and Lunar Eclipse July 4th, Full Moon July 5th,7-7-7 on July 7th, Retrograde ends July 12th …

Do you think the Universe is trying to get our attention ?

Do you think this is an IMPORTANT time to be in Ceremony on Planet Earth ? 🙏😊❤️

Love you all and Thank You !!! For being here now ❤️❤️


Perception:clouded by our eyes,brain,belief systems.

What you see is your perception. Mine will be different.

The reason our words and actions may not reach others is because they see things from another perspective. How do you reach others?

Reach by example. Teach by example. How can you make change without participating in that change? Too much time wasted with words and no action.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Start small. Start at home, in your family, in your community and let the energy grow.

Stop blaming everyone else for the state of the world. Start doing something about it.

Words are energy. Sensitive people can feel it. Be careful how you express those words. Send with love and good intention. Words sent with Anger and negativity fester and become curses, hexes and spells…

We walk a fine line in the world of energy…it is known by light and dark. Think before you speak. Think before you type. Read your words and feel their energy. Are you sending love and inspiration to make change or are you adding to the ever growing cloud of anger, ill will and negativity?

We are responsible for our actions, even seemingly unseen because there is nothing hidden…

Make the most of your time on Earth. Be respectful of others. Open your heart, reach out your hand. Help when you can and be the best you can be.

We don’t get out of here alive. So make it better than before…learn from the past and move forward into a better future. We’ve got this !!! I love you.❤️❤️

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