Star People

Tribute To Chief Golden Light Eagle Radio Show Tribute Loren was born June 6, 1953 and dropped his robe July 19, 2021. He was our father, our brother, our uncle, our grandfather, our friend, our relative and our Chief Golden Light Eagle and or Chief Standing Elk. Loren was the eldest son born to Mildred Zephier (Beautiful Sundance Woman) and

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17 Message From 17 April 1, 2021 4-1-21 Message from 17 Sang the Protection song- thinking about who I want to talk to and instead of 11 I hear 17- Do I want to talk to 17? Who is 17? Earth Future, present? Star? It is April Fools but I will take a risk and

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The ” Real ” History of Earth

What is the real history of Earth? Let go of linear time and always discern….go within..find your own truth…I’m just dropping crumbs… Burrows Cave in Ohio Who sold us out to the ETs? The Agreement