Star Nations

The ” Real ” History of Earth

What is the real history of Earth? Let go of linear time and always discern….go within..find your own truth…I’m just dropping crumbs… Burrows Cave in Ohio Who sold us out to the ETs? The Agreement

Messages From the Stars

 2-22-21 Its 5:30 in the morning and I am half awake , looked at the clock at 5:33 and realized today is 2-22 and love the synchronicity of it all…. Good morning this is 11. You will know my name as we go along but I like 11. It fits into all of the information

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Star Knowledge Videos Immanuel Song Judgement/ Rattlesnake Universal Law of Symmetry. season of Healing! Winter solstice brings in the Ladybug. A messenger of the 11th Dimensional influences. Enjoy Inner Light/Hummingbird Athena Solstice Message. 12/21/20 Children are Sacred Bigfoot Message Sihan Tanka Tamil Star Knowledge

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