Pandemic Wisdom

“I am allergic to the serum”

There is mounting evidence that spike proteins from vaccinated individuals are affecting those who are not vaccinated. We will share the evidence in videos, blogs, articles from Doctors and websites. I ask you to be open minded, discerning and do your own research. Dr. Mercola/Dr Zelenko New Scientific information about the Spike Proteins TROUBLING

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The ” Real ” History of Earth

What is the real history of Earth? Let go of linear time and always discern….go within..find your own truth…I’m just dropping crumbs… Burrows Cave in Ohio Who sold us out to the ETs? The Agreement

What the F is going on?

3-7-21 Today was supposed to be my day off. A day to take a break from the messages flowing in, a day to be in the mundane…but no…I type in tears after listening to a few messages from those who also share messages from the Spirit World. We are in the Dark night of the

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Words of the Grandmothers

This Morning the Grandmothers and I want to address the elephant in the room. I have been seeing a lot of videos lately where people say just be in a place above fear or without fear or shine your light or be love….and that is all fine and well for those who know how to

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Messenger Saves 2020/21 Serpent mounds around the world Skirt Lessons Last Flag Standing: A Declaration: George Soros and Bill Gates Reading by Megan Rose Medium Livestream: Megan Rose Psychic Real News ! Live Monday with Mike, Jen and Casey ! Tipping Point, Tidal wave of Awakening: Gaia Daily

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Soul Family Wisdom

There are so many amazing awakened Souls sharing wisdom on Social Media. I am sharing their messages here. We are all here together to help awaken the sleeping Souls. We are also awakening to a deeper truth and greater understanding of who we are and why we are here. skirt teachings. Here

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