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New Information Here in the McCullough Report about what happens to the body and how early treatment is necessary. Many of the ” Covid ” protocols in the hospitals are not working.

Dr. Peter McCullough

This is the current information on and treatment of Cov Covid Protocol for Covid Infection. I think its good to look at what is currently suggested for those with Covid….this will change as more is understood. So much new information has come out about Covid and the Vaccine. Please look for updated videos and Research papers.

According to Doctors/Researchers Covid Virus does two things: Creates an exaggerated inflammatory response, causing damage to critical organs. In its most serious form, this is called cytokine storm. 

An exaggerated blood-clotting response, leading to multiple blood clots (thrombi) in the lungs, brain, kidneys, intestines and other critical organs. These blood clots in COVID can occur in both veins and arteries, which is unusual and potentially life-threatening if not treated rapidly.

The Jab: MRNA : antibody dependent enhancement and pathogenic priming.

Pathogenic Priming= overreaction to a virus, immune system overreacting

Vax does not work on Delta Variant.

Is the ” shedding ” from recently jabbed causing the Delta Variant?

Vaccines are backfiring, now they say they work 6 months max and you will need a booster. Booster Does not work on Delta- Booster made for earlier Covid.

Graphine Oxide What does the spike protein do?

I just read through this post and this is what I understand from it. I am adding links from other sources too.

Graphene Oxide Side Effects

Graphene Oxide when exposed to certain waves ( 5G) or frequencies becomes aggressive. This means it goes from a neutral agent to super oxidizing agent- creates cytokene storm- an exaggerated inflammatory response, causing damage to critical organs.

Damage is potentially irreparable- need powerful anti inflammatory to stop it (corticosteroids) this was before they knew there was an “antidote”.

Zinc: makes graphene oxide lose its superconductivity. Reduces mortality and recovery time. Helps clear magnetism. The more zinc in the blood the more glutathione the body produces. Zinc deficiency=lower GSH

Zinc deficiency= cytokene storm,

“A word about quercetin. Some physicians are recommending this supplement to reduce viral illnesses because quercetin acts as a zinc ionophore to improve zinc uptake into cells. It is much less potent than HCQ as a zinc transporter, and it does not reach high concentrations in lung cells that HCQ does. Quercetin may help reduce risk of viral illness if you are basically healthy. But it is not potent enough to replace HCQ for treatment of COVID once you have symptoms, and it does not adequately get into lung tissue unless you take massive doses (3-5 grams a day), which cause significant GI side effects such as diarrhea.”

Glutathione: Covid-19 leads to GSH depletion. Tissue damage, acute respiratory distress syndrome from lack of GSH,

What is Glutathione and why it is important for health and regeneration of tissues. ” Glutathione is a tripeptide that is present in all tissues and that synthesis and/or regeneration is very important to be able to respond to the increase in oxidizing agents” (oxidative stress) .Prevents cardiovascular disease. Nac and glutathione degrade graphene.

Selenium : selenite= antioxidant= improvement in insulin activity

The Jab and the V have the same effect on the human body. Difference is the Graphene and other additives in the jab…..spike proteins are in the jab. Are they being released by the jabbed to the unjabbed? like a shedding?

Updates on the V and the Jab…