Pandemic Wisdom

FOCO 11/1/21

From Grandma Chandra: ” The 111 represents the Feminine Principle. You are stepping into the new waves & new energies of Creation that are Feminine. You are moving into a new relationship between the Creator and Creation. You are co-creating together. “ Del BigTree Highwire Fort Collins Coloradoan Coverage of The Protest” My Sign

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Words of the Grandmothers

Almost every morning The Grandmothers bring a message through to post on Facebook. They have been doing this since March 2020. Here they are ….. Dear Children of Earth 2-24-21 Message from The Star GrandmothersDear Children of Earth, you are really the Star Seeds of the Cosmos. You are the lights that shine so brightly

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A Change Is In The Wind (Video and Lyrics)

A Change Is In The Wind first posted on you tube Feb 26, 2010. The Sun is setting on this Earth, upon those who would deny our worth, The Sun is setting in the Western sky, I hear the moans and I hear the cries. Hey Na Hiki Yi Hey, Hey Now Hiki Yi Ho,

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