June 25, 2017

Today is  Sunday June 25 2017.


I have been struggling to know how to bring Earth Star  products and Classes to others how to reach them how to reach them in the appropriate way.

Grandmothers how do i reach them?

This is a time of flux, Of distraction, of struggle of others to know who they are and why  they came here. Use the tools and the gifts that you possess to reach them.

Are  readings appropriate for me to use to reach others?  use the cards, use the runes, to help others to find their own answers.Teach them to use the pendulum for healthy food, for oils, for answers. 

Write the articles the blogs the words to reach others on this social media. Find the way to find them, the way they will hear you.

Relax and know you are supported and we are with you. You are never alone but there are times those feelings creep into your mind and shut the door to others.

You judge and are angry at the behavior of others but that is the lesson of the ones going  through that lesson, not yours.   You can pray for the minds of men to turn to love not lust ,to honor women and treat them with respect and honor.

It is slowly turning that way and it will continue to turn as long as you and the other Grandmothers hold the energy for this change to occur. Love honor respect so important now when there is a lack.

Use what is at Earth Star as your canvas, as your tools to create something new out of something old. It will happen. Be patient and in the meantime do what you can do to keep up your strength and resolve. A little at a time. Be the turtle not the hare.[contact-form-7 id=”74″ title=”Contact form 1″]

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