Scan and Cut: Tutorials and Ideas

I love my scan and cut. I would love and upgrade but I have finally almost figured out how to use it without frustration. I am always looking for a better way or an easier way to use it. The scan and cut page on Facebook and Julie’s tutorials help to ease the pain in my brain most of the time…….

Scan and Cut Facebook Saves……

Balzer Designs Scan and Cut Videos:

more videos:

and even more….

still more:


More How too’s:

Scan and Cut File Types:

Blade Depth:

Free Cut Designs:

Freezer Paper:

Cutting Fabric:

Cutting Stencils:

Making Multiples:

Brother Support Page…..

Cutting machine info:

Grouping and Ungrouping:

Scan and Cut Canvas Link:

Balsa Wood:

cutting and drawing lines:

Your Work Space:

Rubber Stamps:

Font Converter:

Search bar-amazing !!!:

Tips and tricks: