End of Life for Animals…Healing Hearts

I never really know how my day is going to go. I am in Service. I am on call. I have been removing the living room rug for the past few days. It is a nasty job and I work around my schedule and the furniture, pets and a teenagers sleeping schedule….

I got a message on FB yesterday from a client. She wanted me to contact her dog. Her dog was a cancer survivor for many years but was having breathing issues and the scar tissue from the cancer made it hard for her to breathe. My client wanted to know if the dog was ready to go home.

I use a protocol before I connect to anyone. I want to make sure I am getting accurate information and that I have made a strong connection to my Master Guides, Spirit Helpers and the Person/ Animal I am connecting to. Protocol in Place, Connection made.

As soon as the connection was made I started to cry. Tears were falling fast. I was sobbing, holding the snow leopard- my surrogate for distance healing. She was ready to go, knew her body was not strong enough to maintain but was sad to leave. I gave her owner the message, other details and made sure her energy was connected and she was energetically ready for passage when it was time.

Full moon- a door for those who are ready to go Home.We are under the influence of the Full Moon four days before and four days after. Moon of the Buffalo. Today may be the day for her to go home, an anniversary of another fur family’s passing. This morning an old friend passed at 7:30 Central time. I was in bed at the time, reluctant to get out of bed..sensing today would not be a ” normal” day. Spirit says, ” We are not done”. Someone else will pass today…

Sometimes we connect to the heart of another for a different purpose. That angelic, unconditional Love serves to open our hearts and release the tears to help us through what is ahead- known or unknown.  This big dog, huge heart is all about love. She wanted me to tell her owner that she will be back. She will know her by the love connection. She will come back in the body of a puppy. She will have more time in that body….She rallied. That happens a lot…the rally, happy, energized, seemingly not ready to leave…will have to see how things go…have to surrender to the outcome…sigh…

I wanted to write this down. To remember, to share.

We live in the world of Spirit. God/Creator guides us with our Master Guides, Master Teachers, Angels and Spirit Helpers. The seen and unseen. Our animals are our guides and teachers too. They connect to our hearts in ways no human can. They walk with us through life’s ups and downs, highs and lows.

Speaking of Spirit: a big black dog sits to my right. He’s been there since last night. Sits silently by the front door. I noticed him last night and again this morning. I asked if he was one of mine, no, he is here to protect me…..

I posted on FB today:”Ripping out the old carpet in the Living room…taking it out in pieces..working around the furniture, animals and teenager’s sleep patterns…good representation of life…release the past in increments, work in harmony with others and go with the flow….”

Natural Healing for Pets

I have been able to connect with animals since I was a little girl. They come to me and present their injury or pain and my hand turns on to start sending healing energy to them. It can be difficult when you feel the pain and realize that the animal has been in intense pain without the owner knowing. They are just very good at hiding pain from us.

I have been doing research to find effective natural pain relief. Animals are vibrational beings and tend to respond better to natural products. The top pain relievers available from the vet have potential side effects to the liver and must be monitored to make sure they do not cause liver injury.

I am a member of a Face Book Group ” Cannabis for Pets ” and have asked for information on Cannabis dosages and testimonials. Colorado is a Legal state and CBD is becoming a popular treatment option. CBD needs THC to help with cancers and tumors but dosage is still being tested.

I saw this video on Frequency and music to calm and relax pets. I am posting this link and will post more information as I find it.

Music to calm and relax dogs:

Pets and Colloidal Silver:

Glyphosate and Animals:

Vet Naturals Hemp and Hips with Turmeric:

Cannabis for Pets:

Pancreatitis for dogs:

Vaccines yes or no?

Making oil:


Seisures and CBD:


CBDvs Cannabis:


Dog Treats:

Glycerine instead of alcohol

Turmeric  for cats:

Turmeric Paste:

I’ve been looking for this !!!!

How to detox your dog:


Face Book Saves-WordPress and Business Info.

WordPress Links:

Keep Visitors on your site longer:

WordPress secrets revealed:

WordPress Cache:

WordPress Plugins:Blog Printables:

Website Links:

Go Daddy Tools and Training:

Creative Cloud:

Double your Wifi Speed:

Build a custom knowledge base:

Ripl social media app:

Premier Pro Classes:

Best place to sell crafts


Ted Talk: Algorithms for Advertising.

Indigogo crowd funding

To make a screen shot of your page to save to ” Desktop” press Command-shift-4.

Selling Books to Libraries:

Adwords:Pay per click

moz.com for keywords

search engines: google, dogpile, yahoo,

Google search console for webdevelopers

google adsense

list of online directories

selling your knowledge online:


https- want a secure website or some search engines will not list you

google sitemap:

Multi Dimensional Insights

There is so much information out there. It is important to Discern it – filter it through your heart and let it go if it does not feel right. Question everything and ask lots of questions…..


Dolores Cannon: Three Waves of Volunteers

Dolores Cannon: This time on Earth:

Animal Acupressure:

Help for Empaths:

Ley Lines/Earth Chakras

Ghost Busting 101:

Nasca Lines:

Soul Contracts:

Chakra Structure:

Earth’s Chakra Points:

Golden Fire Wand:

Golden Light Wand:

Inspirational Writing:

Twisted Sage Wands:

Near Death Experience:

Energetic Synthesis:





Face Book Saves- On The Farm

I saved a lot of information about plants, wild edible plants, alternative energy, emergency preparedness etc. I am putting it here so I can learn more for next year.

Portable Water Filter:

Cold Weather Hacks:

Solar Generator:

Foraging a Wild Lunch:

Hydralight Lantern:

What to do with grass clippings:

Naturally Preserve Your Food:

Emergency Water Filter:

Clean the inside of your windshield:

Global Weather Map:

Wind Turbine:

How to clean the hard to clean:

Keep flies away:

Homesteaders Guide to flour:

Tile Makeover:

Angle Cutter:

Passive Solar Heater:

freeze dryer

Removing Hard Water Stains : http://hometips.diyeverywhere.com/2017/05/22/5-effective-ways-to-remove-hard-water-stains-for-good/

Growing Lemon Balm:

Dandelion Syrup:

Herbal Tea Garden:

Spring Edible Plants:



Titer Your Pet:




Facebook Saves: Mixed Media, Stencils and Product Information

Once again Facebook comes to my rescue. I ” like ” many pages and ” save” what I can to look at later. I am always looking for new ideas, new techniques, information about paints and other products. Facebook does not disappoint. I can now keep these ideas in order on WordPress. I usually have the notebook of the day or moment, sticky notes or just notes on mail. We all know what happens with those…lost, stuck to something else or buried. I am taking advantage of my free time to organize my life if possible. This blog post will have links from Facebook about Mixed Media Techniques and product information. I will expand it as needed to add more….


Turning a painting into an Apron:

Magical Box:

Encaustic Art:

Rock Art Archive:

Acrylic Paint: How to choose what’s best for you: 

MacBook Stickers:

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets:

MicMac Hieroglyphs:

mandala dotting tools:

Bob Ross Bio:

Paint Drying Times:Acrylic


Bullet Journals:

WTF is a Bullet Journal:

screen printed journals:

Alcohol Ink:


Client Requests:

What to do with old jeans:


Image Transfers:

Stained Glass Technique:

Wildland Creatures Stencils:

Safe Handling of Acrylics:

Quartz Mala Bracelet:

Painted Lab Coat:

Brayer Care:

Fabric Paint:

Tips for Composite Photography:

Rectangle Coat :www.interweave.com/store/rectangle-coat?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=dynamicads&utm_campaign=channeladvisor&CAWELAID=400009260000655050

Embossed Stencil Cards:

liquitex multi layering techniques:

Rubber Stamps:


Embossing Powder:


Paint Combs:

Deeper Colors in Watercolor:

Swanstorm Pliers:

Mixed Media Landscape:

Textiles and Fiber Art Experiments:

Color Picker in lightroom:

Geometric Hipster Designs in Illustrator:

Sewing with Stencils:

Fast image Transfer:


Art Sherpa:

Lindy’s Gang:

Graph Paper for Beadwork:

Beaded Rosette Video:

Materials for Rosette:

Distress Ink:

wire wrapped loop necklace:

Tracing light tablet:

Tips for the beginner artist:

Hand Knit Blanket:

Acrylic Paint Info:

Bead Pattern Programs:

another program:

list of beading software:

more info on beading patterns:

Inexpensive Brushes:

Photo to traceable: 

Rapid Resizer:













Scan and Cut: Tutorials and Ideas

I love my scan and cut. I would love and upgrade but I have finally almost figured out how to use it without frustration. I am always looking for a better way or an easier way to use it. The scan and cut page on Facebook and Julie’s tutorials help to ease the pain in my brain most of the time…….

Scan and Cut Facebook Saves……

Balzer Designs Scan and Cut Videos:

more videos:

and even more….

still more:


More How too’s:

Scan and Cut File Types:

Blade Depth:

Free Cut Designs:

Freezer Paper:

Cutting Fabric:

Cutting Stencils:

Making Multiples:

Brother Support Page…..

Cutting machine info:

Grouping and Ungrouping:

Scan and Cut Canvas Link:

Balsa Wood:

cutting and drawing lines:

Your Work Space:

Rubber Stamps:

Font Converter:

Search bar-amazing !!!:

Tips and tricks:










Facebook Saves 2017- Natural Health and Natural Body Products

This Blog post will cover information from Facebook about Natural Health and Natural Body Products. I want to learn more about the plant nations. I also want to understand how our body works and is affected by the environment.

There are many recipes out there to make Natural Body Products. I want to spend time this Fall and Winter creating soaps and body products. Here are a few recipes. I will add them as I find them.

Please note this blog does not recommend any particular product, herb or remedy. I am simply putting this information out. Please always consult your physician or vet before using any product.

Remedies for Receding Gums:

Thieves Toilet Bombs:


more on Moringa:

Micronutrients: www.hardynutritionals.com/blog/2017/09/school-micronutrients

Manuka Honey:


Aromatherapy:-a supportive therapy

Cleaning Black Mold:

Pickle Juice:

Reverse Grey Hair:

Natural Anti Biotic:

Himalayan Salt:

Citrus Body Butter:

Cannabis Root:

Spider Veins:

Acupressure Points:

Improve Blood Sugar:

MSM Drops:

Olive Leaf Extract:

Decalcify your Pineal Gland:

Magnesium Deficiency:theheartysoul.com/magnesium-deficiency-symptoms-foods/

Sinus Clearing Bath Bombs:

Sative vs. Indica:

Fight Inflammation:

Tumeric Gummies:

Reverse Grey:

Bio sonic tuning fork classes:

Cleanse Your Chakras:

Manuka Honey:


Mercury Detox:

Anti Anxiety Elixir:

Essential Oils For Pain Relief:

Colloidal Silver Gel and Soap:

Colloidal Silver Gels and Cremes:

Coffee for your health?

Pineapple water:


New Toothpaste:

Plaque removing Tea:

Colon Cleanse:

Eating Clean Shopping List:

Fire Cider:



No More Grey Hair:

Lumps and Bumps:

Master Cleansing Tonic:

Alkalize your body:

Mold Illness:

Selling Soaps Online:

Natural Remedy Garden:

Lemon and Garlic:

Chinese Herbs:

Detox Bath:

Reverse Cavities:

Sleep Help:



Removing Fluoride:

Armpit Detox:

Detox Smoothies:

Plant Based Magnesium:

Cancer Preventing Spice:



Colloidal Silver and Your Gut:

5 Weeds to Eat:

Herb Salves:

Herbal Tea Garden:

Medicinal Plants of North America:


Shea Butter Eye Cream:

Manuka Honey:

Hormone Balancing Oils:

Detox Colon:

another Detox:

Parasite Cleanse:

Reverse Diabetes:

Remove Tartar:

Heal Limbic System:

Alzheimers help:

Magnesium Lotion:

Foods to help with hearing :

Pomegranate Juice:

Soap Recipes:

Thieves Oil:

Receding Gums:

Help for Empaths:

Cannabis dosage for Pets with Cancer:

Glyphosate and Animals:

Pets and Colloidal Silver:

Forgotten Medicinal Cures:


Sugar and Cancer:

The Autoimmune Fix

Rebuilding the gut after antibiotics:

Colloidal Silver for Water Storage:

Dandylion Oil:

RoseHip Face Serum:

Elder Flower and Rose Hip Salve:

Rose Water:


Clary Sage Oil:

New Science of Water:

Testosterone Boosting Foods:

Belly Map:

Lemon Balm

natural Arthritis Relief:

Root Canals:

Remove Hard Water Stains:


Plants Related to Cannabis:


Latrogenic Disease:

Black Salve:

7 Best Foods for Fighting Arthritis:

Healing the Endocrine System:

Healing Cannabanoids:


Dandylion Syrup:


Cancer is a fungus:


Tooth Abces:

Diatomaceous Earth:



Bathroom Cleaning:

Cancer and High Fat Diet:

Homemade Vapor Rub:

How to Alkalize the body:

Bulk Apothecary:

Aluminum Toxicity:

vital choice: salmon

Household Products:

milling grains:

Insight Timer meditation App:

Ketogenic Diet:https://www.today.com/health/ketogenic-diet-how-high-fat-low-carb-eating-may-fight-t118177

Essential Oil companies to get samples and test: Floracopia, Mountain Rose, Now, Aura Cacia, Tisseret, Yl, Byeo,

An article about oils:

Essential oils and supplies for Body Care:

No GMO Companies:


















Decalcify the Pineal Gland:

Ketogenic Diet:

Metabolic Control of Longevity:


Constipation Candy

Salt Scrub with Oils:

Free Download:Herbal Preparations

Natural Spider Removal:

Plants you can grow in water:

Activated Charcoal:

Oil Pulling:



Elixers: Boost Thyroid, adrenals

Bulk Apothecary:




Black Seed:

Remove Tartar:









Facebook Saves – Recipes

I go on Facebook daily to connect with friends and family, read memes, watch videos. I find myself saving a lot of posts. I wanted to create blog posts of my saves to help organize them by type and date. I find my searches and saves are very informative and often contain links and information I want to share. This blog will help me organize my links so I can share them with friends and clients.

Food: Vegan, Gluten Free or just to good to pass up…..

Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Cauliflower Rice: 

Anthony Bourdain’s Favorite Pasta Dish

Thai Peanut Coleslaw

Turmeric Falafel Burgers

Egg Roll in a Bowl 

Take out you can make at home Recipes: http://po.st/KOnuRy

Vegan Pestos Basic Pesto Recipe: http://bit.ly/2cQTpXM
Semi-Dried Tomato & Macadamia Pesto: http://bit.ly/2cvO6NL

Flu Fighter Chicken Soup :Recipe: http://po.st/3diptC

Sprouting Grains:

Oatmeal Bake Bars Recipe: http://po.st/dpMfuG

Quinoa And Kale Muffins jamieol.com/cMgwgg

Pumpkin Chocolate Energy Balls:

Quinoa Bread:

Energy Bombs

Rosemary and Thyme Loaf:

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe:

Vegan Pizza Dough:

Cheesy Garlic Bread Muffins:

Gluten Free Pita Bread:

Coconut Cookies: 

Low Carb Granola Bars:

Chickpea Breakfast Crepes:

Paleo Chocolate Bites:

Roasted Beet Sweet Potato Salad:

Sugar Free Dairy Free Coconut Ice cream:

Dairy Free Pasta Sauce:

Orange Sunflower Slaw:

Almond Butter Balls:

Tumeric and Ginger Iced Tea: http://www.naturallivingideas.com/turmeric-ginger-iced-tea/

Zucchini Fritter Gyros:

Peanut Butter Energy Bites:

Homemade Fried Chicken:

Yorkshire Pudding: http://12tomatoes.com/recipe-simple-yorkshire-pudding/

Jamie Oliver Yorkshire Pudding www.jamieoliver.com/news-and-features/features/best-yorkshire-pudding-recipe/

Anti Candida Recipes:blog.candidacleanser.com/15-guilt-free-anti-candida-desserts-you-can-make-in-less-than-15-minutes

Tumeric Lemonade:

Sourdough Tortillas:

Paleo Egg Rolls:

Paleo Fish and Chips:

Blueberry coconut Bliss Balls:

Paleo Funnel Cake:

Veggie Burgers:

Gluten Free Quiz:

Curcumin and Honey Drink:

Non Dairy Creamer:

Low Glycemic Brownies:

How to can beans:

Restaurant Recipes-copycat:

No Bake Cookies and Bars:

White Bean and Kale Soup:

Sweet Potato Brownies:

Tumeric icecream:

Slow Cooker Potatoeslowcooker-potato.cooktopcove.com/2016/04/21/how-to-make-crock-pot-potatoes-au-gratin/

Ginger Carrot Soup:

No Microwave Potatoes:

Super Food Infused Soups:

Homemade Dressings, Sauces and Seasonings:

Sweet Potatoes:

Fermenting Formulas Cheat Sheet:

Healthy Eating Cheat Sheet:

Seasonal Produce Calendar:

Lentil Pasta:

Oatmeal energy bombs:

Dark Chocolate Probiotic:

Red Cabbage Detox Salad:

Peanut Butter cups:

Ice Creams and Sorbets:

Keto Almond Bombs:


Salad Dressings:

Green Juices:

Cream Cheese:

Keeping Strawberries fresh :

Plant Based Milk:

Food Harvest:Https://harvestright.com/feature/food-storage/

Nut and Seed Bread:


Pumpkin Spice Latte:

Zucchini Tortillas:

Gut Happy Hummus:

Paleo Dessert Book:

Asian Chicken Salad:

Jamie Oliver Salmon and Pesto Veg:

Protein Rich Smoothies:

Gluten Free Focaccia Bread  www.moonandspoonandyum.com/blog/fennel-tomato-rosemary-and-onion-cast-iron-focaccia-bread-gluten-free

Vegal Meringue:

Flavored Water:


Pretzel Bars:

Gluten Free Pies:

















June 25, 2017

Today is  Sunday June 25 2017.


I have been struggling to know how to bring Earth Star  products and Classes to others how to reach them how to reach them in the appropriate way.

Grandmothers how do i reach them?

This is a time of flux, Of distraction, of struggle of others to know who they are and why  they came here. Use the tools and the gifts that you possess to reach them.

Are  readings appropriate for me to use to reach others?  use the cards, use the runes, to help others to find their own answers.Teach them to use the pendulum for healthy food, for oils, for answers. 

Write the articles the blogs the words to reach others on this social media. Find the way to find them, the way they will hear you.

Relax and know you are supported and we are with you. You are never alone but there are times those feelings creep into your mind and shut the door to others.

You judge and are angry at the behavior of others but that is the lesson of the ones going  through that lesson, not yours.   You can pray for the minds of men to turn to love not lust ,to honor women and treat them with respect and honor.

It is slowly turning that way and it will continue to turn as long as you and the other Grandmothers hold the energy for this change to occur. Love honor respect so important now when there is a lack.

Use what is at Earth Star as your canvas, as your tools to create something new out of something old. It will happen. Be patient and in the meantime do what you can do to keep up your strength and resolve. A little at a time. Be the turtle not the hare.[contact-form-7 id=”74″ title=”Contact form 1″]